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Soul's Purpose
Spirit Work Coaching
with Holly

"I say find yourself first, and then find your talent. Work hard in your mind.. if you want it to come alive...

You are what you are...you're gonna shine like a star...but we must find ourselves first." ~ Jimi Hendrix

What to expect

Every session is tailored to the individual to do the following: 

  • Protect the anonymity and privacy of the individual.

  • Clarify goals and expectations from Soul's Purpose Spirit Work coaching with Holly.

  • Discover your social/emotional intelligence strengths and areas of growth.

  • Harness Energy and develop emotional wisdom.

  • Cultivate a barometer for identifying healthy boundaries with Self and others.

  • Nourish and discover values and beliefs.

  • Distinguish commitments and actions that lead us to our values.

  • Empowering your daily experience while decreasing daily stress

  • Build confidence, evolve, and find your voice.

"She remembered who she was, and the game changed."~ Lalah Delia