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The Principles of Yoga

Lead me from the unreal, to the real.

Lead from darkness to light.

Lead from the timebound state of consciousness,

To the timeless state of being that I am. 

~ the Asatoma Prayer 


Over the last two decades, I have gathered a wide variety of training and spiritual tools that encapsulate not only the Eight Limbs of Yoga, but also the principles that lead us into experiencing and being the totality of yoga itself. 

Your yoga session with me will focus on chronic pain, anxiety, body strength, flexibility, PTSD, and much more by unlocking sensations within your body. This is accomplished through integrative yoga asana (pose) techniques mixed with deep training in various yoga assists that customize your yoga experience. You will learn to become the witness of what arises within, creating space between your mind and reactions while opening the tissues, joints and mobility of your body. Start your yoga journey or deepen your existing yoga practice by clicking below.

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